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Network Rules

If you manage to link a server to our network, you must take the following rules into consideration:

  • A server can have a maximum of 1 global IRCop and 2 local IRCops
  • Linking a server does not mean you will get global access to our channel services
  • IRCops are not allowed to use their powers over registered channels
  • IRCops should only use their powers on channels if: there was a takeover; there is abuse; no one has op in that channel
  • IRCops are not allowed to disconnect users or servers without a good reason
  • IRCops are not allowed to use mode +k or similar and are not allowed to have offending/abusive vhosts
  • Advertising your server on the network will not be tolerated
  • IRCops are not allowed to do anything that could result in damage to the server or its users
  • IRCops should take action against channels, should they find any illegal activities going on in those channels

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